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July 2, 2006
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The Mighty Boosh Card Art by Niki-UK The Mighty Boosh Card Art by Niki-UK
I've been so looking forward to revealing this one... I wasn't going to show it until the original product had found its way into the right hands, and now the time has finally come. :D

As The Mighty Boosh's live tour came to a close earlier this year, some fans on the Boosh web forums had the bright idea of making some gifts to present to the Boosh as a token of appreciation. User 'thefunkyinuit' produced this wonderful plaque on behalf of all the fans at the forum (the poem on it was also conceived by fans): [link]
Another idea was bounced around regarding making a card to accompany the plaque; lots of people suggested how nice it would be for me to produce artwork for the front, and how could I refuse? :blushes::flirty: This is the result.
A couple of high-detail shots can be found at [link] (Noel/Vince) and [link] (Julian/Howard).

I also designed the back of the card which included imagery of the moon and some lovely Boosh-style borders produced by forum user Miss Noir. [link] The inside of the card featured digital signatures/messages/icons from lots of the forum users and the whole thing was collated and printed out by heidi515. Heidi passed the final article on to Susan (the head of the forums and the UK Mighty Boosh website) who then delivered the forum prezzies to the Boosh themselves! :w00t: :boogie:

News just in on how it all went down during Susan's latest meet-up with Noel Fielding: [link]
Here's an extract regarding the gifts:
"Words used in response to plaque/card.
"Oh my god... brilliant... amazing... oh my god... it's really good isn't it...? That's really sweet... oh my god... that's really good that... it looks really like us all as well... it's amazing... it's beautiful isn't it... that's f**king amazing... that is insane!" Etc."

Needless to say, I'm off my tits with happiness at reading this. :love::faint:
I worked really hard on this piece; I'm really chuffed with how it came out and that it's been so well received by both fans and the Boosh. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it does... :floating:

EDIT/UPDATE: Photographic evidence of Julian and Noel holding the final card can now be seen here! -> [link]
Incidentally, the luverly end of tour Plaque can also be seen in the hands of the Boosh here: [link]

Also, for audio fun go to [link], click on the news section and look for the podcast link. Prepare to be entertained! At the end you can actually hear the boys' comments on the end of tour plaque and card! :D
:boogie: :w00t: :boogie:
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